Planning A Summer Get Away With Your BFFs


Hello my beautiful readers! Sorry that I’ve been M.I.A. lately… Life has been crazy!  I’m excited to be back at it.  With summer coming, I will be bringing y’all some fun content! Since I am getting ready to leave for a trip,  I’m excited to bring a fun travel series to LB.  Although I am not an expert, I wanted to share some helpful tips from my experiences traveling as a student who doesn’t have all of the money in the world. The first part of LB’s travel series will be my advice on planning a get away with your friends.  Ever since senior year of high school, my friends and I have been talking about going on a trip once we all turn 21.  Whats better than being in the sun, having a marg in your hand, and laughing until your stomach hurts with your BFFs? Nothing.  Florida, here we come!!

Here are my top four tips for planning a summer get away [21 year old style] with your BFFs:

UntitledFigure out exactly when everyone is available for a summer get away.  Also, figure out how long everyone wants to be away.  Whether it be a weekend or a week long trip, you can still get all of the girl time you need!  For us, we thought the end of May would be perfect. Once June comes around, some of us will be nannying, studying abroad, and working long hours.   What perfect way to come together for a week before our “adult” summer begins… Am I right? After we picked the date, we set a budget.  Since we’re only 21, we can’t go too crazy now!

destThere are many places you can go.  Whether it be a relaxing or adventurous destination, figure out what type of get away you are looking for.  We decided to go for a more relaxing destination… and a beach was a must have.  We talked about going to many different destinations, and we thought Florida would be the perfect place for us. It’s an easy plane ride, and theres nothing better than that Florida sunshine!

stayIn my opinion, figuring out where to stay is the hardest part of a vacation (especially if you’re on a budget.)  My advice is to use the website! On this website, it has short-term vacation rentals by owner.  I’m sure there are many other websites out there, but this is the one I’m most familiar with.  Most of the the time it is much cheaper than staying at a hotel! Most of these places have kitchens so you can buy your own groceries instead of going to a restaurant for every meal.  Trust me, you will save a lot of dough!

get thereFirst things first… do your research! Figure out whether flying or driving would be best for your situation.  Lucky for us we got a great deal on airfare. It would be a 17 hour car ride if we drove…. yikes.  If you are traveling far, definitely look into flying!  You can get a deal on airfare if you really do your research.  However, if you don’t have to go far, then driving is the way to go.  There’s nothing better than a road trip with your pals!

Stay tuned for more travel advice as I prepare for my beach get away with my girl friends.  Thanks for reading!



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