How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes


When it comes to skincare, washing your face is the most important thing you can do to keep your skin healthy and glowing.  However, there is another step that is just as important as washing your face that most people don’t think to do.  Can you guess what that important step is?  Yep! You guessed right.  Cleaning your make-up brushes… or as I like to say “giving the make-up brushes a bath.”   Just like our faces, make-up brushes build up bits of make-up, oil, dirt, and even bacteria in the bristles.  Now think about rubbing those dirty make-up brushes all over your face…. YUCK! Also, cleaning your make-up brushes can help them last longer.  So ladies, lets not forget this important step in our once a week skincare routine.  Put your face mask on and wash those brushes! I tested a quick and inexpensive way to do so over the weekend and it worked PERFECTLY.  Follow along!  All you will need is baby shampoo, your dirty make-up brushes, a towel, and your sink.


1.) Begin by rinsing your brushes under lukewarm water.  Make sure to rinse just the bristles and not where the handle meets the head (Look at picture below.)


2.) Squirt a little bit of shampoo into the palm or your hand and run a little bit of water over the shampoo so that it lathers nicely.

3.) Gently swirl your brush in a circular motion into the shampoo and gently rinse your brush under the water.  Gently squeeze out all of the gunk in your brush and repeat until you don’t see make-up coming out of the brush anymore.


4.)  Gently reshape the bristles with a cloth or your hand and lay them flat to dry.  Make sure you lay the bristles face down so that the water doesn’t get down into the brush where the handle meets the head!  The brushes will take about 15 hours to dry so plan accordingly.

Told y’all it was easy! Your brushes will be as good as new.  I will be sure to share some other fabulous brush cleansers, but baby shampoo works great!



1. Liquid Blender Cleanser //2. NYX Makeup Brush Cleanser //3.MAC Brush Cleanser //4. SEPHORA Brush Cleanser//5.IT Cosmetics Purifying Brush Cleanser

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a fabulous week.






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